Ford Model A Kits Lineage

Tracing the lineage of Ford Model A plastic model kits from any manufacturer in 1/24 and 1/25 scale. I thought this would be simple but have run into conflicts and confusion because each kit has been offered a number of times throughout the years under a new theme or name, with new packaging – and some have extras, some have less parts. There’s really no easy way to do this so I hope to keep adding and updating this post as needed. Information is included to confirmed kits, like dates that were printed on the kits or the model kit number etc. or some tag lines from the box. Although some are indicated with “NOT CONFIRMED”.

All the models listed below are Ford Model A kits. Ford Model A’s were built from 1928-1931 and have been a very popular subject in scale models for generations. Many of the base kits are 40+ years old but are still on the market today! The ever popular 1932 Ford, Model B, Roadster, Coupe and Sedan are not Model A Fords therefore are not on this list.

In no way is this list complete. You are welcome to take it and modify it. This was something I had from a long time ago.

    Monogram: 1929 Pickup Truck (Roadster Pickup) 1/24 scale

  • 1st Issued (60s): Hauler “Blue Beetle”
  • Reissued ( ? ): Boss A Bone (not confirmed)
  • Reissued (70s): Early Iron Series
  • Reissued (80s): Pickup Street Rod
    Monogram: 1930 Coupe/Cabriolet (Sport Coupe) 1/24 scale

  • – Customizing Kit with 131 Parts; both coupe/cabrio versions; stock & speed custom parts.
  • 1st Issued (60s): Customizing Kit
  • Reissued (70s): Stock No. 7551-0100 Special Interest Series; stock 5 window coupe version only.
  • Reissued (70s): Special Interest Series; stock convertible (sport coupe) version only.
    Monogram: 1930 Phaeton/Touring 1/24 scale

  • 1st Issued (60s): Stock No. PC64-198 Phaeton Customizing Kit
  • Reissued (70s): Early Iron Series
    Monogram: 1930 Woody Depot Hack/Van 1/24 scale

  • – Custom Vinage Station Wagon
  • – Essentially the same base as the ’29 RPU
  • 1st Issued ( ? ):
  • Reissued (70s): Stock No. 7553 Early Iron Series

    Revell: 1929 Pick-up Truck 1/25 scale

  • – Built as open or closed cab versions.
  • 1st Issued ( ? ):
  • Reissued (70s): “Sundance Express”
  • Reissued (80s): Hot Rod Magazine series
  • Reissued (90s): Rat Rods 3-in-1
  • Reissued (2006-07): GoodGuys series
    Revell: 1930 Woody 1/25 scale

  • – Opening doors including the four passenger doors and rear gate
  • 1st Issued ( ? ):
  • Reissued (70s): “WOODSTOCK”
  • Reissued (90s): Stock No. 85-7637 As a ’31 Model A Woody
  • Reissued (2007): GoodGuys series; now includes ’32 grille option and new wheels
    Revell: 1931 Sedan/Delivery 1/25 scale

  • – Opening doors including the rear panel door
  • 1st Issued ( ? ): Sedan Delivery
  • Reissued (70s): “Mother’s Cherry Pie”
  • Reissued (2006-2007): GoodGuys series
    Revell: 1931 Sedan or Woody 1/25 scale

  • – This kit came with 2 bodies
  • – Choice of build Sedan or Woody
  • – See above; looks to be the same kit as other reissues.

    MPC for AMT: 1928 Tudor Sedan – Original

  • 1st Issued (60s) Stock No. 2128-150
  • – MPC made the 1928 Model A Sedan with opening front doors.
  • – It was modified and turned into the 1929 Model A “The Wild Ones” kit.
  • – Unable to ever reissue again!
    MPC: 1929 The Wild Ones – Woodie or Pick-up 1/25 scale

  • 1st Issued (60s):
  • Reissued (70s): 1928 Pickup
  • Later reissued under AMT

    AMT: 1929 Woody/Pickup 1/25 scale

  • 1st Issued (60s): MPC – Stock or Custom version of Woody or Roadster Pick-up
  • Reissued (80s):
  • Reissued (90s):
  • Reissued (2006-2007):
    AMT: 1929 Roadster 1/25 scale

  • – Double kit; build two complete cars (stock and custom)
  • 1st Issued (60s): Double-kit – Roadster and Barris Ala Kart
  • Reissued ( ? ):
  • Reissued (80s): Stock No. 4156 (Ertl #6572) Just Roadster
  • Reissued (90s):
    AMT: Barris Ala Kart (Customized 1929 RPU) 1/25 scale

  • – Completely redesigned mold/tooling of Barris-built custom car “Ala Kart”
  • 1st Issued ( ? ): ALA KART
  • Reissued (90s): Stock No. 31159-1HD ALA-KART

Lindberg: Ford “A” Roadster
1st Issued (60s): Titled as an “A” but it’s a Model B Ford (1932)

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